This book draws upon the deep knowledge of Western Science and the wisdom of Eastern Metaphysics.

The energetic dynamics of our physical body structure, as well as emotional, mental and psychic levels, are explored through basic principles of physics, bio-physics, quantum physics and astro-physics. These are taught as experiential movement meditations through Dr Chan’s Mind-Body-Heart retreats and workshops.

The metaphysics of our physiology, mental processes, emotions, consciousness and super-consciousness are discussed in the context of meaningful relations with ourselves and others.

To be fully present with another is considered to be the important factor in relationships. To stay present, we have to stay balanced and poised between past and future. We can remain poised in our mind and awareness by keenly sensing our physical centre of balance. This is achieved by being aware of the force of gravity on our body.

The significance of the centre of gravity in our physical structure (Dan Tien) is explored as a power-base and a powerful doorway to our deepest potential in relating to another. This centre within the physical structure holds the key to the balance between masculine and feminine energies, yin and yang, man and woman.

This book includes practical meditative exercises (also available as a meditation audio-CD) to achieve this delicate balance in our lives of being fully present. The exercises are based on the metaphysics of surfing. Poetry and illustrations are also included to enhance and transmit the more subtle essence of the book. The essence is like a bridge between the form (structure) and the formless (energy).

This is a workbook for developing awareness of the depths of heart in healing for the practitioner as well as for the public. The book draws from an accumulation of experience and knowledge gained from over 40 years of meditation practice and 35 years as a medical doctor-counsellor, acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.


Sacred Surfer, Eternal Wave

A Path to Truth, Love and Freedom

by Dr Pee Tek CHAN

“Love is stillness in motion.

             It is the only movement

      of Truth beyond volition.”

Dr Pee Tek Chan


Audio CD

with Meditations from Book